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A dynamic collection of expository sermons from the bloody, wrathful, and violent passages of the Old Testament.

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R-Rated: What Really Happened at Sodom and Gomorrah?

God calls us to intercede for others.

R-Rated: Life Is in the Blood

These laws are more than health codes, they point to Jesus' blood and sacrifice.

R-Rated: Cut Up Your Rebellion

God brings peace through our obedience to Christ.

R-Rated: Rated R for Redemption

God can redeem any person out of any situation.

R-Rated: Sacrificing Our Children to the Gods of this World

Molech worship is alive and well but Christ's grace is greater than our sin.

R-Rated: Eating with God

Old Testament sacrifices point us to deeper love and joy in covenant and community.

R-Rated: The Bible's Flawed Superman

God takes sinful people and turns them into true heroes.

R-Rated: Genocide and Jericho

God's plan is to evict the world of sin.