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God Is Holy

Gaining a glimpse of God's fire
This sermon is part of the sermon series Discovering God (part two).See series.

The story behind the sermon (from Dan Meyer)

The idea for this series grew out of a frank appraisal I did of my preaching curriculum over the past couple of years. I've long been a believer in trying to provide the congregation with a balanced diet of messages. I want to make sure that, over time, they are getting fed from a variety of major food groups —doctrines and life issues, apologetics and discipleship practices, Old and New testament.

As I reviewed the topics I'd been covering, I was struck by the fact that the focus of my messages over the past few years tended to fall into one of two general categories: (1) problems and issues with which people struggle; and (2) convictions and commitments that people need to hold. Even where the impetus of the message was more textual than topical, the sermons seemed to have this consistent people-focus to them.

About the same time, I picked up a best-selling Christian book whose title suggested that it was "all about God." While the content was stimulating enough, I was struck by how anthropocentric the book still was in spite of its God-focused title. I began to think: "What is it about Christians today that—even when we set out to write a book or preach a sermon that is 'all about God'—we end up penning something that is really all about us?"

Something stirred in me to pull off my shelf a book that had been gathering dust since seminary days. It was A. W. Tozer's classic Understanding the Holy. As I paged through Tozer's brief, dense reflections on the attributes of God, I was shocked by how dramatically different his angle of approach was on the Christian life. Rather than focusing on human life and then going in search of the perspective of God, Tozer focused ...

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Dan Meyer is pastor of Christ Church of Oak Brook in Oak Brook, Illinois.

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