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Episode 82 | 30 min

Preaching With Both of Your Eyes Towards Christ

The key to Christ-centered preaching.
Preaching With Both of Your Eyes Towards Christ

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How can you keep Christ at the center of your preaching? In this episode, Matt Woodley explores that question with Bryan Chapell, the Stated Clerk for the Presbyterian Church in America.

In his early years of preaching, Chapell wanted to both teach and reach people. Later, he learned how to restore people, build on his ministry, inspire other preachers, and unite in a common cause.

As a young pastor, Chapell’s message in sermons was “straighten up, fly right, and do better.” But that message started to crush him, and he was convicted to preach the redemptive grace of Christ to his people.

Check out what was referenced on the podcast:

Bryan Chapell’s book Christ-Centered Preaching,3rd Edition

Matt Woodley is the pastor of compassion ministries at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois.