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Episode 79 | 22 min

Making the Most of Your Time for Sermon Prep

How to manage your time faithfully in a distracting world.
Making the Most of Your Time for Sermon Prep

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How can you find the time you need for sermon prep? After all, time is a precious commodity. In this episode, Kevin Miller explores that question with Trevor McMaken, pastor of City Light Anglican Church in Aurora, Illinois.

He said “a big thing that’s helped me in my preaching ministry is to take study days to plan a message series ahead of time, so that when I get to Monday morning and I’m looking at the message on Sunday – it’s not a completely blank page.”

Here are time saving methods, to help you with sermon prep:

  • Start a preaching team at your church
  • Block off your mornings for sermon writing and research
  • Work on your sermon offline (free yourself from digital distractions in the process)
  • Go for a “big idea” prayer walk
  • Use time management software (to block distracting social media sites)

McMaken also recommends facing your internal struggles head on, without making them your entire focus. Remember, your calling is to be faithful to the Lord, and serve the congregation that He’s entrusted to you.

Kevin Miller is pastor of Church of the Savior in Wheaton, Illinois,