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Episode 74 | 58 min

When the World Breaks with Jason Miller

When the World Breaks with Jason Miller
Image: Vasil Nazar

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The world is broken. When we see and feel that brokenness, it sometimes feels impossible一even illogical一to cling to faith. In this episode, Jason Miller, lead pastor of South Bend City Church in Indiana, describes his own journey with loss and how it led him past hollow platitudes into a deeper, more sacred space with Jesus.

His new book, When the World Breaks: The Surprising Hope and Subversive Promises in the Teachings of Jesus, is a refreshing reminder that God’s love sustains us in life’s darkest seasons.

Weary of injustice? Aching for renewal, in yourself and the world? Wondering why you can’t shake the sting of loss or disappointment? In this conversation with Steve Carter, Jason unpacks how the beatitudes opened his eyes afresh to the wonder of Jesus.

This podcast, along with Jason’s book, will remind you that you can bring your full self to God, knowing that一in Jesus, Immanuel一you always have his full heart.


Jason’s books: When the World Breaks

Website: jasonadammiller.com

Church: South Bend City Church