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Episode 36 | 1 hr 10 min

Wanderlust and the Power of Place with Daniel Grothe

Wanderlust and the Power of Place with Daniel Grothe
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In this episode, Steve Carter interviews pastor, teacher, and author, Daniel Grothe. The vow of stability and place is counter cultural. We live in a world of cultural impermanence and Daniel challenges us with the question, “How is that going for us?” Place matters. Stability matters. You have to fight to stay. “If salvation is going to break into the world, it’s going to be local and personal.”


Two Cultural Trends:
  1. We live in an age of wanderlust – where the grass is always greener and if I go there, I can finally find out who I really am. What if you can know who you are, right where you are?

  2. We have become pathologically conflict avoidant - we’ve become keyboard warriors in “digital discipleship.” We’ve started confronting one another in a passive aggressive abstraction that will never end in resolve.

The vow of stability and place. This is a message that is counter-cultural. A message that in the church, in the world, in our culture is more important than ever.

Place matters. Stability matters.
  • Relational rootage

  • Spiritual authority

  • God calls people to places - Acts 17.

Push against this culture of impermanence that we’re living in.
  • Technology is made to go obsolete in 12-18 months

  • For the last 50 years, ½ of our marriages are failing at a 50% rate

  • We’re growing up not knowing what can you nail down… what’s not going to move on me?

DROPS Discernment Process

If you’re asking the Lord about a move, here are five things to consider:

  • Desire - Delight yourselves in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

  • Relationships - Jesus sent them out 2x2. Relationships matter.

  • Opportunity - Where are the true opportunities for you and your family?

  • Purpose - Go to a place where your making is going to sync up with a need.

  • Skills - Certain places will need your exact skills.

Daniel’s Passion and Process for the Craft
  • The impact of a pen and notepad
  • The power of transitions
  • Read it outloud


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