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Episode 86 | 49 min

The Spirit of Politics with Michael Wear

The Spirit of Politics with Michael Wear
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The majority of pastors are not looking forward to this 2024 presidential election season. The division between parties. The vitriol online. The angst within the congregation. The last few elections have been so difficult to navigate. There has to be a better way!

In this episode, Steve Carter interviews Michael Wear who is the President of The Center of Christianity and Public Life as well as the author of The Spirit of Our Politics. Michael shares how Dallas Willard’s teachings helped him understand a better way to engage with politics.

This interview will help pastors reframe the conversation of politics as an invitation for spiritual formation and how our depth with Christ will help us heal, bring hope, unite, and showcase the kind of goodness that Christ embodied.


Website: MichaelWear.com

IG: @michaelwear

X: @michaelrwear

Michael's Book: The Spirit of Our Politics



Michael’s appearance on The Russell Moore Show: