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Episode 82 | 54 min

The Shepherd's Heart with Lee Eclov

The Shepherd's Heart with Lee Eclov
Image: Vasil Nazar

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Every pastor needs a pastor一someone to offer wisdom, empathy, and an example of finishing well. Lee Eclov is a shepherd to shepherds, and in this episode he shares with Steve Carter:

  • How to care more about people and less about numbers.

  • The role of spiritual formation in preaching.

  • The importance of working through a text in your own soul before you preach.

  • Why thinking of Scripture as a song will enrich your preaching.

  • How to write sermons that touch people’s minds and hearts.

If you’re a pastor, please don’t miss this episode! Lee’s voice resounds with grace, is seasoned from decades of ministry, and offers countless insights that will help you finish well.

Episode Links

Lee’s books: Shepherding the Shepherd: Devotions for a Pastor’s Soul

Website: https://leeeclov.com




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