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Episode 61 | 47 min

Preaching with No Regrets with Steve Sonderman

Preaching with No Regrets with Steve Sonderman
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“Ministry to men is on their time, their turf, and their agenda.”

Steve Sonderman first heard those words from a mentor, and after pastoring at Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin for 34 years, serving as a chaplain for the Milwaukee Brewers, and launching No Regrets Men’s Ministry, he’s spent over three decades equipping the church to effectively disciple men.

He currently serves as the president of No Regrets full-time, and this year marks the 30-year anniversary of the organization’s annual men’s conference. Steve Carter listens to the fascinating story of how the conference began, and how its impact reaches far beyond a single day, through a leadership cohort designed to disciple men for a whole year after the event.

Steve Sonderman also drops some time-tested wisdom on how to engage men from the pulpit, including things like: relevance, relatable stories, authenticity, and application. Ultimately, his goal is to reach men for Jesus, root them in Jesus, release them for kingdom impact, and reproduce them as leaders in life.

You can find info on how to host or attend the No Regrets Men’s Conference here.


Steve’s books: How To Build a Life-Changing Men’s Ministry, Mobilizing Men for 1-on-1 Ministry