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Episode 68 | 56 min

Preaching the Centrality of Christ with James Forsyth

Preaching the Centrality of Christ with James Forsyth
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Every time James Forsyth preaches, his goal is to set hearts ablaze一like Jesus in Luke 24, when he opened the scriptures with his disciples and their “hearts burned within them.”

As the senior pastor at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN, James is not interested in conjuring a response in himself or his people but wants to genuinely encounter the living God through Scripture.

In this episode, James explains some of his best preaching practices一from prep to delivery一with Steve Carter:

  • How and why to schedule your preaching calendar for the whole year
  • How to use your theological chops without getting too technical in the pulpit
  • How to preach with clarity so people can follow you
  • Why the last 10% of message prep makes all the difference
  • Why preaching is just as formative for the preacher as it is for the congregation


James’ podcast: Live Deeply

Church: Cedar Springs Presbyterian