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Episode 54 | 1 hr 1 min

The Preacher's Checklist with Luke Norsworthy

The Preacher's Checklist with Luke Norsworthy
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This episode is packed with insights from Luke Norsworthy, pastor of Westover Hills Church in Austin, Texas, and author of God Over Good and Befriending Your Monsters. His conversation with Steve Carter meanders through all sorts of topics:

  • How to put yourself into sermons without being narcissistic.
  • Why Luke uses a checkmark system to track sermon writing progress.
  • How the sobering but hope-filled journey of an Afghan family is shaping Luke’s church.
  • How Luke receives sermon feedback before Sunday, and why he’s a better preacher because of it.

Luke’s final advice? Be grateful every time you preach, regardless of how you feel it went. There will always be another goal to reach, criticism to field, or growth area to explore. For today, be content with where you’re at, trusting grace to carry you wherever you need to go.


Luke’s books: God Over Good, Befriending Your Monsters

Podcast: Norsworthy

Website: www.lukenorsworthy.com

His Church: Westover Hills Church




Check out the book that inspired Luke to write 500 words a day: The War of Art