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Episode 46 | 49 min

Make the Good News Your Life's Work with Nick Hall

Make the Good News Your Life's Work with Nick Hall
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Nick Hall’s mission is to raise up the next generation of evangelists. In our anxiety-filled age, Nick boldly models how the gospel offers the exact hope and comfort the world craves. His voice is prophetically challenging一pointing out the ease with which apathy creeps into the church. But he’s also relentlessly hopeful that God is stirring the next generation to share Jesus and transform the world.

Steve Carter talks with Nick about the upcoming Together ‘22 conference, which seeks to empower the next generation of Christians to make Jesus known. Significantly, it will take place on the 50th anniversary of Explo ‘72一a historic evangelistic conference that transformed the lives of many people in Nick’s life, including his dad.

Nick’s call to evangelism is bursting with zeal, yet rooted in reality. He says the goal is not arrival, but growth: all of us can take the next step in obedience. By God’s grace, the character of our lives will open people’s hearts to the gospel on our lips.


Hall’s book: Reset: Jesus Changes Everything

Website: https://pulse.org/

Register for Together ‘22 here.