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Episode 41 | 52 min

The Last Supper on the Moon with Levi Lusko

The Last Supper on the Moon with Levi Lusko
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What Bible verse did Buzz Aldrin take to outer space? What was the first meal eaten on the moon? What does space travel and the Christian life have in common?

Steve Carter interviews Levi Lusko, the founder and lead pastor of Fresh Life Church, located in Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Utah and everywhere online. Levi’s new book, The Last Supper on the Moon, plays off NASA’s 1969 lunar voyage to draw powerful principles about what it means to follow Jesus makes for a fascinating conversation.

Sometimes we need to hear age-old truths in a new way, which is arguably Levi’s forte. Whether curating a user-friendly digital livestream or requiring all church employees to read a Michelin-rated restaurateur's manual on hospitality, Fresh Life Church is leading the way in engaging our cultural moment.

At the core of his sermon prep and writing is a practice Levi calls “collect and connect,” which is a relentless quest to learn, catalog stories and ideas, then use them as illustrations. He also shares how suffering has shaped him as a pastor, and how something as simple as taking a deep breath can be instrumental in cultivating character.

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