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Episode 38 | 1 hr 11 min

If the Tomb Is Empty with Joby Martin

If the Tomb Is Empty with Joby Martin
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Few aspects of Joby Martin’s ministry journey have been predictable. His first sermon was an impromptu talk at a youth camp, thanks to a coach who believed in him and tossed him into the deep end. He planted a church almost without realizing it. On Mondays he prepares sermons while hunting, tucked away in the woods, or poised quietly in a tree stand. He rarely plans sermon illustrations beforehand一they just sort of come to him in the moment.

Through the ups and downs of 20+ years as a pastor, now as the pastor of The Church of Eleven22 in Jacksonville, the gospel of grace has kept him buoyant and grateful. Steve Carter draws out the hacks and habits Joby has refined through the years, including the storytelling culture Joby grew up in and how it informs his preaching, the necessity of humility, how to map out a preaching series that’s culturally engaging and biblically robust, and the habits that enable pastors to finish well. They also chat about Joby’s new book and it’s central thesis: “If the tomb is empty一then anything is possible.”

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