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Episode 73 | 58 min

How to Reach Urban Youth with Tommy Nixon

How to Reach Urban Youth with Tommy Nixon
Image: Vasil Nazar

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Steve Carter chops it up with his best friend Tommy Nixon一CEO of the Urban Youth Workers Institute一about how to reach the next generation for Christ. Tommy unpacks 20+ years of urban ministry, including:

  • What to do about the 1.2 million young people leaving the church every year

  • How to communicate effectively to a church that’s increasingly young, urban, and multiethnic

  • The two key ingredients for communicating to urban youth

  • Why suffering must shape our lives and message

  • How to use humor to connect with your audience, deliver hard truths, and show humility

  • Why honest feedback is crucial for your soul

Tommy’s voice is punchy and prophetic, courageous and catalytic. This episode will equip you to love your neighbor and communicate the gospel like never before.


Website: www.tommynixon.org

Urban Youth Worker Institute: uywi.org

Tommy’s Church: www.onelifecitychurch.org

Where Tommy got his stats: www.greatopportunity.org