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Episode 95 | 41 min

How to Avoid Pastoral Burnout with Alan Briggs

How to Avoid Pastoral Burnout with Alan Briggs
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In this episode of Craft & Character, Steve Carter interviews leader, coach, and author Alan Briggs about avoiding burnout and finishing the race well.

Alan recently released a new book called AntiBurnout that will help you lead for the long haul by sharing practical steps that he has learned advising pastors and business leaders. This episode is so practical and will help you take a good hard look within to see if how you are working today is actually going to work well for you in the seasons to come.


Alan Briggs helps CATALYTIC LEADERS leverage CATALYTIC MOMENTS for SYSTEMIC CHANGE. He serves businesses and nonprofits as a Leadership Coach, Sabbatical Coach, team consultant, podcaster, and speaker. He founded and leads Stay Forth Coaching to help leaders experience deep health and impact and create healthy cultures around them.

He curated the "Right Side up Journal" as a three-month journey to find healthy and proactive rhythms, and he uses it every day. His latest book AntiBurnout; a lighter way to live and lead in a heavy world invites leaders in any field to resist the pull toward exhaustion and overwhelm and experience lighter leadership. The principles, frameworks and tools in this book stem from 13 years of coaching leaders.

Alan's past books, Staying is the New Going, Guardrails, and Everyone's a Genius focus on specific areas to be faithful to your creative wiring and unique calling.


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New Book: AntiBurnout