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Episode 96 | 58 min

Healing What You Can’t Erase with Christopher Cook

Healing What You Can’t Erase with Christopher Cook
Image: Vasil Nazar

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In this episode of Craft & Character, Steve Carter interviews the Win Today Podcast host Christopher Cook about how leaders can transform their mental, emotional, and spiritual health from the inside out.

Christopher shares wisdom he has learned, how the reliance on the Holy Spirit is everything, and what courage looks like as you face past trauma.

This episode explores key insights from Cook’s new book Healing What You Can’t Erase and will give you some practical steps to partner with the Holy Spirit to take your next right step in your personal spiritual formation.


Christopher Cook is a leadership coach, author, and podcast host focused on transformation and wholeness. With an aptitude for strategy and execution, his ability to unearth clarity out of complexity drives his mission to help individuals and organizations thrive in their true identity. His work has appeared in outlets such as SUCCESS Magazine, and he has spent over a decade coaching leaders in both the marketplace and non-profit sectors. His weekly podcast, Win Today with Christopher Cook, equips wellness-minded listeners to move beyond the limitations of self-help, and instead, toward an integrated life of wholeness from the inside out. Pulling from his own experiences with adversity and personal transformation, these efforts, embodied by his passion for mental health, emotional health, and spiritual maturity, along with his educational credentials in business administration, leadership, and ministry, have led to helping people experience healing and transformation in their spirit, mind, and body.




New Book: Healing what You Can't Erase