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Episode 67 | 48 min

Having Words with God with Addison Bevere

Having Words with God with Addison Bevere
Image: Vasil Nazar

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Prayer is the one thing we know we’re supposed to do, but often the thing we don’t know how to do一or if we’re 100% honest一the thing we don’t always want to do.

In this episode, Steve Carter talks with Addison Bevere, who’s forthcoming book Words with God tackles questions like: How should we pray? Why isn’t God answering? Why do other Christians seem to hear from God daily, while we experience silence?

Drawing from the prayers of Jesus himself, he also offers practical pointers: our prayers should be specific, steadfast, and surrendered. And yet, Addison reminds us that prayer is not a formula, but rather an invitation to wrestle with the God who loves us. This conversation will equip and encourage you to seek God in new ways, trusting that he is for you.


Addison’s new book: Words with God: Trading Boring, Empty Prayer for Real Connection

Other books: Saints: Becoming More Than “Christians”

Website: addisonbevere.com