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Episode 83 | 55 min

Good Baggage for the Holidays with Ike Miller

Good Baggage for the Holidays with Ike Miller
Image: Vasil Nazar

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How much does your upbringing influence your life now? The answer for all of us is ... more than we realize.

In today’s episode, Ike Miller一who pastors Bright City Church alongside his wife Sharon一shares about his new book called Good Baggage: How Your Difficult Childhood Prepared You for Healthy Relationships.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family impacted by alcoholism and divorce, Ike shares firsthand wisdom about:

  • Cultivating a regular rhythm of counseling.

  • Why saying no is necessary to stay healthy.

  • How to stop editing our identity to please others.

  • How to prioritize rest and resist the idol of success.

  • How to build a healthy church and home culture.

During the holidays一a season laden with complex family dynamics and packed schedules一let this episode remind you that God is with you, loves you, and is working through your story.


Ike’s books: Good Baggage

Website: https://ikemiller.com

Church: Bright City Church