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Episode 55 | 42 min

The Essential Preaching Frequencies with Erwin McManus

The Essential Preaching Frequencies with Erwin McManus
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Erwin McManus has spent decades honing his skill as a communicator, at Mosaic (the church he founded in Hollywood, CA), at conferences around the world, and in living rooms filled with a handful of friends. Wherever he goes一even in places where he doesn’t speak the native language一he’s able to communicate in a profound way. Why?

Erwin explains to Steve Carter that it’s all about “frequencies,” a concept he unpacks in his recent MasterClass titled “The Art of Communication.” Frequencies are the key to understanding your own voice, as well as intuitively sensing the needs of your audience in real-time. Until you develop this awareness of self and listener, you’re likely to communicate as ineffectively as “the loneliest whale in the world.”

Want to know what that means? Listen to the episode!


Erwin’s books: The Genius of Jesus, The Last Arrow,

His masterclass: The Art of Communication

Website: thegeniusof.com

Church: Mosaic