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Episode 80 | 55 min

Discerning the Times with Jon Huckins

Discerning the Times with Jon Huckins
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As headlines convulse with the latest news about the Israel-Hamas war, how should followers of Jesus respond?

Jon Huckins, professor, author, and founder of Journey Home, shares with Steve Carter about what peacemaking looks like一first in our own hearts, then in the world God calls us to love. This convicting conversation point us toward the way of Jesus, helping us see the image of God in people on all sides of the conflict.

Jon and Steve, who recently hiked the Camino de Santiago together, reflect on the lost art of pilgrimage and how it helps us relinquish control, reawaken to the Spirit’s movement, forgive, and rest in the love of God. This inner work, in which we allow God to calm the storm inside, is the first step toward spreading peace around us.

Ultimately, the conflict is not a call to coldly evaluate political and religious “sides.” It’s an invitation to pray fervently for all people, inviting the Spirit to transform us in the process.


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