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Episode 49 | 1 hr 2 min

Digital Hygiene with Jay Kim

Digital Hygiene with Jay Kim
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Like many of us, Jay Kim often feels that involuntary urge to reach for his phone. As the lead pastor at Westgate Church in San Jose, CA, he knows firsthand that modern people crave guidance for using devices well. Jay’s new book, Analog Christian, explains how Christians can respond to the values of the digital world一not by abandoning technology一but by faithfully stewarding it.

Jay also shares with Steve Carter some valuable leadership practices, like pausing email while he’s on vacation, resisting the pressure to respond to every headline immediately, and honestly admitting when he needs more time to hear from God. He paints a practical and compelling picture of life that’s peaceful, not frenetic一intentional, not aimless. And in our overstimulated world, that’s a vision we desperately need.


Jay’s new book: Analog Christian

Jay’s other book: Analog Church

Website: jaykimthinks.com

Church: Westgate Church