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Episode 89 | 1 hr 3 min

A Call to Resilience with Jay Hewitt

A Call to Resilience with Jay Hewitt
Image: Vasil Nazar

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In this episode, Steve Carter interviews pastor and author Jay Hewitt about finding strength in our deepest need and weakness.

A few years back Jay was diagnosed with brain cancer and during his chemo treatment he decided to train for an Ironman to show his young daughter what resilience looks like. Jay ended up completing the Ironman and wrote an incredible book called I Am Weak, I Am Strong about what God has taught him during this fight with cancer.

Steve and Jay stood in each other's weddings, are dear friends, and this episode is one of the most moving because of how personal, tender, and difficult as Jay shares the reality that the brain cancer has returned.


Jay Hewitt is a pastor, author, and motivational speaker whose life journey is an awe-inspiring testimony of courage and faith. Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at thirty-seven, he found strength through God, embracing his purpose as a storyteller. In his memoir, I Am Weak, I Am Strong, Jay shares his extraordinary quest to become an IRONMAN while battling cancer.


Book: I Am Weak, I Am Strong
Website: www.jayhewitt.org
Social: @jayhewitt