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Episode 65 | 57 min

Becoming Strong Like Water with Aundi Kolber

Becoming Strong Like Water with Aundi Kolber
Image: Vasil Nazar

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Back by popular demand, author and therapist Aundi Kolber shares about her forthcoming book, Strong Like Water. This book debunks stoic, soul-depleting platitudes like “No pain, no gain,” instead showing that healing from trauma is only possible through freedom, safety, and compassion.

Aundi masterfully integrates psychology, neurology, and theology, and explains to Steve Carter three categories of strength: situational, transitional, and integrated. Steve and Aundi also reflect on how Jesus dignified pain一and entered into it himself一rather than denying it. If God himself engaged with the full spectrum of human emotion, as the church we must follow his example.

Whether navigating your own trauma, or as someone who longs to love people more deeply, Aundi is a seasoned guide who offers brilliant insights, along with practical resources and rhythms to implement in everyday life.


Aundi’s new book: Strong Like Water

Other books: Try Softer

Website: aundikolber.com