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Episode 76 | 44 min

The Art of Rhetoric in Preaching with Theon Hill

The Art of Rhetoric in Preaching with Theon Hill
Image: Vasil Nazar

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Want to become a better preacher? Listen to hip hop.

That’s the advice of Dr. Theon Hill一an enthusiastic hip hop fan who serves as Associate Professor of Communication at Wheaton College. As an expert in rhetoric, Dr. Hill explains to Steve Carter:

  • The three primary ways to reach an audience
  • How to anticipate and teach to diverse perspectives in your audience
  • Why preaching is about transformation, not just information
  • Why hip hop is a great primer for preaching in our cultural moment

Throughout this episode, Dr. Hill walks Steve Carter through Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, highlighting simple principles every preacher can put into immediate practice. As the 60th anniversary of King’s famous address arrives on August 28th, Preaching Today invites you to celebrate “Share the Dream Sunday.”


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