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Episode 63 | 56 min

4 Commitments of Preachers with Jared E. Alcántara

4 Commitments of Preachers with Jared E. Alcántara
Image: Vasil Nazar

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Some people transport us beyond our blind spots and comfort zones一introducing us to a chorus of diverse voices echoing across God’s kingdom, from both church history and our own age.

Jared Alcántara is one of those guides.

Growing up in a bi-cultural home in a diverse low-income neighborhood, and now as Professor of Preaching at Truett Theological Seminary, his homiletics classes prominently feature Black, Latino(a), and Asian North American preachers. He’s written two books on one of his preaching heroes, Gardner C. Taylor.

Jared talks with Steve Carter about his book, The Practices of Christian Preaching, which offers four practical ways to grow as a communicator:

  1. Focused Attention
  2. Concrete Goals
  3. Constructive Feedback
  4. Willingness to Take Risks

Jared explains that, although receiving feedback is vulnerable and humbling, no preacher, regardless of pedigree, can avoid plateauing without it. Ultimately, growth is not about accruing accolades or platform building: it’s so listeners will see and savor the beauty of God and the gospel.


Jared’s books about Gardner Taylor:

Learning From A Legend: What Gardner C. Taylor Can Teach Us About Preaching

Crossover Preaching(his dissertation)

Jared’s other books:

The Practices of Christian Preaching: Essentials For Effective Proclamation

How To Preach Proverbs

Book by Matthew Kim & Daniel Wong:

Finding Our Voice: A Vision For Asian North American Preaching

Book by K. Anders Ericsson:

Peak: How All of Us Can Achieve Extraordinary Things

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