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Podcast Episode 31 | 29 min

How the Preacher-Pastor Crafts Their Sermon

How the Preacher-Pastor Crafts Their Sermon

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In this episode we sit down with a long time contributor to Preaching Today, Lee Eclov. Lee is pastor in Lake Forest, IL. Let’s just say when Matt Woodley and Lee Eclov sit down to talk preaching it is a lot of fun. Lee has a pastor’s heart and shares from his bountiful wisdom, but this is one of the more winsome episodes this season. So sit back and enjoy two preachers talking preaching.

If you would like to read the sermon discussed in this podcast you can find it here: “Where Does My Help Come From.”

Lee Eclov recently retired after 40 years of local pastoral ministry and now focuses on ministry among pastors. He is the author of Feels Like Home: Reflections on the Care of Souls and Pastoral Graces: Reflections on the Care of Souls (Moody Publishers), as well as being a frequent contributor to Preaching Today and CT Pastors. To learn more about his Pastors' Gatherings visit www.leeeclov.com.

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