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Victory in Death

Colin Chapman, in The Case for Christianity, quotes Ugandan bishop Festo Kivengere's account of the 1973 execution by firing squad of three men from ...

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Where's the Fire?

If we are only out to be nice, mild-mannered folk, we should either change our name or change our calling.

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For All the World to See

Watching a trapeze show is breathtaking. We wonder at the dexterity and timing. We gasp at near-misses. In most cases, there is a net underneath. When ...

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Let It Shine

Robert Bellah, a sociologist who teaches at the University of California at Berkeley, is very interested in the influence of religion on the community. ...

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Christian Ambassadors

For the watching world, we ourselves serve proof that God is alive. We form the visible shape of what he is like.

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Concrete Church

It is of no avail to talk of the church in general, the church in the abstract, unless the concrete particular local church which the people attend can ...

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Bad Examples

Today, everybody and his brother (and lover and agent) claim to be Christians. When I was a kid, God may not have gotten the recognition he merits, but ...

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Faith to Tell the Truth

Kim Duk-Soo will never forget November 20, 1950. That was the day Communist troops found him hiding with his father in a root cellar.

Kim, now the administrator ...

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Punished for Righteousness

A 16th century man who did not drink to excess, curse, or abuse his workmen or family could be suspected of being an Anabaptist and thus persecuted.

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Clear Vision

The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something, and tell what it saw in a plain way. Hundreds of people can talk for one ...

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