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Sermon Illustrations about Widow

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Widow to help bring your sermon to life.

‘Angel’ Paid Elderly Widow’s Grocery Store Bill

Marilyn Oettinger can't stop thinking about it--and neither can her family. "There she was," says her daughter Margie, "confused, flabbergasted, ...

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Hearing the Voice of Her Departed Husband

For over half a century, the voice of Oswald Laurence was heard on the Underground Transit System in London. He made a simple but needed public safety ...

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Widow Cited for Shoplifting, Then Officer Makes Delivery

The 61-year-old grandmother was sliding her groceries across the self-checkout at the Woodbury Walmart. Scanner beeping, her total climbing, Sarah Lindgren ...

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Local Church Provides Widows a Way Out of Poverty

After losing her husband, Tinashe Butau of Zimbabwe was now a single mother with four children to feed, and she needed to find a way to provide. When ...

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Man Must Love a Single Mom's Son

Imagine a single mom. Her eleven-year-old loves baseball. Personally, she doesn't care about baseball, but because her son loves it, she hasn't missed ...

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Christians Help Muslim Widow

Sheikha has no idea where or when she was born, though it was about 60 years ago. Her Bedouin family roamed across vast areas of the Middle East. Today, ...

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Getting Rich in Heaven

I hope to grow rich in heaven by taking care of orphans on earth.

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When Children Owe Their Parents

I flew to Washington, D.C., a couple of weeks ago, and sitting beside me was a woman probably about 60 years of age. She saw me with my legal pad working ...

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