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Sermon Illustrations about Wicked

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Wicked to help bring your sermon to life.

The Peril of Personal Monarchy

We would not put up with a debauched king, but in a democracy all of us are kings, and we praise debauchery as pluralism.

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When God Rains on the Good--And the Bad

The fact that evil people prosper is a problem that goes back into the Old Testament. But Jesus said that our Father causes the sun to shine on the bad ...

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The Stockholm Syndrome

"The term Stockholm Syndrome first occurred in 1973 at an attempted bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden. A man tried to rob a bank, and the police ...

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Nero (Emperor of Rome 54-68 A.D.)

Nero, a man with light blue eyes, thick neck, protruding stomach, and spindly legs, was a crazed and cruel emperor, a pleasure-driven man who ruled the ...

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