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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Weather to help bring your sermon to life.

Praying in the Rain

He who does not pray when the sun shines will not know how to pray when the clouds roll in.

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Charity Begins at Home

Without love, almsgiving is no more important an action than brushing your hair or washing your hands, and the Pharisees had just as elaborate a ritual ...

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We Are not What We Own

In April 1997, residents of Grand Forks, North Dakota abandoned their possessions to the rising river. Record snowfalls had melted into record spring ...

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Hurricanes Show the Natural Hand of God

The onslaught of hurricanes, marching one after the other in the fall of 2004 prompted many people to think more about God. It is safe to say that there ...

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Christian Volunteer Attrition Giving Rise to Collaboration Opportunities

When Hurricane Sally wreaked havoc along the Gulf Coast in September, volunteers from the Florida Baptist Convention were mobilized into action to assist ...

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