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Sermon Illustrations about Vision casting

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Vision casting to help bring your sermon to life.

Great Leaders Inspire Success

Most people don't know about Samuel Pierpont Langley. In the early 20th century, many people were pursuing the dream of flight. And Samuel Pierpont ...

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How Best Buy Rescued Itself from a Slow Death

The year was 2012, and everything seemed to be going wrong for Best Buy. The CEO had just resigned after admitting to an improper relationship with a ...

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Washington Monument Built on Perseverance

In 1836, the fledgling Washington National Monument Society announced they had chosen Robert Mills' plans for the soon-to-be-constructed monument ...

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Hope with a Blueprint

Vision is merely hope with a blueprint.

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Look for the One with the Burden

Find the person in your church who has a real burden for a specific task, and then let him do it.

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Seeing Invisible Things

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.

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In Support of Dreamers

The Tyranny of the Rigid

On May 24, 1965, a thirteen-and-a-half-foot boat quietly slipped out of the marina at Falmouth, Massachusetts. Its destination? ...

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