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Sermon Illustrations about Vindication

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Vindication to help bring your sermon to life.

Man’s Discrimination Lawsuit Highlights Journey from Criminal to Christian

Michael Fesser has been treated very badly by people in authority, but his greatest vindication seems to be in proving that he’s not the man he ...

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Rejected College Recruit Motivated into NFL Standout

Darius Leonard has practiced the pivot from feeling disrespected to feeling motivated and being at peace. It’s a pivot he’s done plenty of ...

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"Ray": A Mother's Influence

Ray is the dramatic representation of the life of legendary singer Ray Charles. It portrays the struggles he faced for being black as well as blind.

As ...

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Lincoln's Detractors Recant

The influential London Times was one of Abraham Lincoln's fiercest European critics during the Civil War. After he announced the Emancipation Proclamation, ...

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