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Sermon Illustrations about Victorious Living

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Victorious Living to help bring your sermon to life.

John Stott's Dying Wish

One of the greatest Christian leaders of the last century was John R. W. Stott, rector of All Souls Langham Place in London and a peerless preacher, Bible ...

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12-Year-Old Girl 'Accidentally' Runs Half Marathon

A 12-year-old girl accidentally ran a half marathon after signing up for a family-friendly 5K run. LeeAdianez Rodríguez-Espada, a 12-year-old student ...

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Olympics-the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

With the Olympics winding down we remember and celebrate the winners—the gold and silver and (maybe) bronze medal winners. But, sadly, while we ...

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God Gives Strength When We Need It, Not Sooner

In his book, Against the Flow, Oxford professor John Lennox notes that when God calls us to do something difficult he gives us the strength when we need ...

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The Joy-Sapping Power of Stress

One would think that leading a football team to a national title victory would give a sense of satisfaction and celebration. But Urban Meyer, former coach ...

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Power Outage Creates 'Cruise Ship from Hell'

On February 10, 2013, a fire broke out in an engine room of the Carnival cruise ship, Triumph. The fire knocked out the ship's power, leaving the vessel ...

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How You'd Live after a Peek into Heaven

Author Peter Kreeft asks us to imagine the day when sin, death, and evil are finally defeated by Christ:

Suppose God took you on a crystal ball trip into ...

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Director Forces Actor to Act like Jesus

In 1927 the director Cecil B. DeMille cast British-born actor H. B. Warner as Jesus in his famous silent film King of Kings. Warner, who 19 years later ...

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Vineyards Take Years to Produce a Good Harvest

On a recent visit to two California vineyards, author Margaret Feinberg discovered that vintners must adopt a long-term approach to their work. According ...

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The Main Hindrance to Your Spiritual Growth

It's easy to blame others (and thus justify ourselves) for our disobedience. But in the following quote, Thomas Merton identifies the key reason why ...

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