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Sermon Illustrations about Valentine's Day

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Valentine's Day to help bring your sermon to life.

The Wetting

I was embarrassed when I, the groom, cried at my own wedding. I was doubly mortified when our flower girl, my 7-year-old sister, drew a picture of the ...

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Love Never Changes

Your face I love, but should it change

by wrinkles, scars, disease,

Love would not change, for I love you,

not just what my eye sees.

And so, though time's ...

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Close to Invincible

Trust (in marriage) is freedom, the freedom to be our truest selves. But is that all it is? I've also learned that trust is the deep, ever-present ...

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Showing Your Fall Colors

Fall knows winter's coming, yet still gives its showy display, still makes its flamboyant exit. I hold this image for my marriage. ... I can identify ...

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Each Couple Is Unique

God's creation is remarkably diverse: from penguins to horses to Persian cats. Each feeds, mates, seeks shelter, but their sharp differences make ...

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The Peace of Marriage

There is woven into the fabric of marriage-as-God-intended a sense of something ongoing. One woman, one man, together under a roof for 50 years or so. ...

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Big Al's Theory of Love

Albert Einstein had a wonderful way with words when wooing women. Check out these love lines from Mr. E=MC2 to the gal he would eventually marry, Mileva ...

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The Joy of Marriage

When we look at the Song of Songs, we see the joy we're supposed to find in one another. That's the model we have to go by--not one of drudgery, ...

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The Magic of Romance

Romantic feelings, as if by magic, make us want to be what we ought to be: entirely giving, thoroughly concerned with someone other than ourselves and ...

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Marriage Is Part of God's Kingdom

Attention to our marriage is an act of obedience to God. It is one concrete way we can put the kingdom of God first in our lives. We are serving Christ ...

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