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Sermon Illustrations about Uniqueness of Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Uniqueness of Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

Americans Are Obsessed with Spirituality

Research literature shows that the great majority of Americans who say they have "no religion" are still quite religious, or at least "spiritually inclined." ...

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Swedish King Proclaimed 'Death to All Kings!'

Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte was born in 1763, the son of a French government worker. As a young man he joined the army, and by the start of the ...

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Actors Distance Themselves from Christian Upbringing

The actors Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman both grew up in Christian homes and both men have since distanced themselves from their faith. Here's how Brad Pitt ...

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Geologist Finds Valuable Stone Under Land's Surface

In 2007, pro baseball pitcher Matt White had an aunt who had been struggling for years to make ends. When her health started to decline, she was forced ...

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Ancient People Understood the Miracle of Christ's Resurrection

Ken Davis writes about a woman who looked out of her window and saw her German shepherd shaking the life out of a neighbor's rabbit. Her family did not ...

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We Can't Understand a Story apart from the Context

Editor's Note: The following illustration from the book Fill These Hearts shows the need to put the Bible or theological statements into their proper ...

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Buddhism Also Claims to Be the Only Right Path

In his book The Intolerance of Tolerance, D. A. Carson notes that, at least in popular thought, Buddhism is much more open, flexible, and tolerant than ...

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The Spiritual Quest Sometimes Resembles a Burrito Bar

There's a pervasive approach to the spiritual life in our culture that I would simply call "The Religion of Chipotle."

Now, if you love Chipotle, that's ...

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Contemporary Jewish Thinkers on the Messiah

The Jewish magazine Moment asked a number of Jewish writers, professors, rabbis, artists, and actors the following question: "What does the concept of ...

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Award-winning Writer Can't Get Over His "Jesus Phase"

John Jeremiah Sullivan, an award-winning writer who has been compared to the famous contemporary writers Tom Wolfe and David Foster Wallace, had what ...

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