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Sermon Illustrations about Unfaithfulness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Unfaithfulness to help bring your sermon to life.

Charity's Founder Loses Moral Bearings

After the publication of his bestselling book, Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson became an instant celebrity. The mountain climber turned champion for ...

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Harvard and Yale Drifted from Original Mission

Consider this mission statement of a well-known university: "To be plainly instructed and consider well that the main end of your life and studies is ...

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Museum Dedicated to Failed Relationships

Croatia's capital city of Zagreb is the home for an unusual museum. The Museum of Failed Relationships was founded by two Zagreb artists after the ...

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'Scandal Queen' Becomes Voice for Decency

In 1988 George H.W. Bush was elected President of the United States, but in 1987 the frontrunner for the Democrats was a senator from Colorado named Gary ...

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Pilots' Carelessness Causes More Accidents

Some time ago a rash of flying accidents for single-engine planes occurred across North America. When a comprehensive study was conducted of the 44 ...

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The Pain of Marital (and Spiritual) Infidelity

Elizabeth Edwards, the former wife of vice presidential candidate Senator John Edwards, described the agony she experienced when she learned of her husband's ...

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The Real Message of Unmarried Sex

If you're sleeping with the person you're dating, you're telling each other two things. First, you're telling each other that your relationship with God ...

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Kennel Owners Lie to Cover up Truth about Dog's Death

Dog owner Peggy Ranger dropped off her six-year-old Shih Tzu at Montreal Dogs, a popular day care for dogs whose owners need to leave town for a few hours ...

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German Christians Sang Hymns While Jews Were Hauled Away

In his book When a Nation Forgets God, Erwin Lutzer retells one Christian's story of living in Hitler's Germany. The man wrote:

I lived in Germany during ...

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7th Grade Boy Achieves Popularity by Betraying a Friend

Right after I finished 6th grade, my family moved to a new town. As I started junior high that fall, I suddenly found myself in a school I didn't know, ...

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