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Sermon Illustrations about Trustworthiness of God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Trustworthiness of God to help bring your sermon to life.

Stephen Colbert on Gratitude in Suffering

GQ magazine's interview with talk show host Stephen Colbert explored how he found gratitude in the midst of suffering ("The Late, Great Stephen Colbert.") ...

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Passengers on Sinking Ship Refuse Lifejacket Help

On May 7, 1915, the R.M.S Lusitania, a British ocean liner, was struck by a torpedo from a German submarine. The ship sank in a matter of minutes, killing ...

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Giving Thanks for the Earth's Rotation

You may feel as if you are sitting still right now, but it's an illusion of miraculous proportions. Planet Earth is spinning around its axis at ...

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Home Depot Hack a Reminder of Where (Not) To Put Your Trust

The Home Depot announced that their secure servers were hacked, putting customers' private information—including debit and credit cards—at ...

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Sailboat on the Ocean Loses It's Keel and Ballast

Michael Plant was experienced and passionate about sailing the ocean's wild winds. But his third trip around the world was different. He designed and ...

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Athletes May not Understand Coach's Decisions

Editor's Note: Use the following analogy to illustrate how God has a much larger and wiser plan (that we may not understand) for the way he rules the ...

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Wounded Soldiers Find Community and Healing

A new program at Walter Reed Medical Center is trying to help wounded warriors recover from the incredible losses they've experienced in war. Battlefield ...

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Psalm 23 without God, the Shepherd

Here's what Psalm 23 looks like when we remove the Shepherd from our lives:

1 my ... I shallbe in want.

2 me ... me

3 my soul ... me

4 ...

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Restored Sistine Chapel Reveals Maker's True Splendor

The Sistine Chapel is one of the true jewels of world art. After spending four years painting it, Michelangelo finished his masterpiece in 1512, and the ...

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Actor Tim Allen Struggles to Trust God

The actor Tim Allen's father died when Allen was 11 years old. A drunk driver crashed into their car as his dad was driving home from a college football ...

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