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Sermon Illustrations about Treasure

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Treasure to help bring your sermon to life.

Painting Once Worth $26 Now Estimated at $26 Million

If anything epitomizes the current cultural fascination with uncovering antique treasures, it would have to be the recent story about the discovery of ...

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Florida Treasure Hunter Creates Fake Treasure

In April 2016, Harper's Magazine published a fascinating report about a man named Jay Miscovich, who found what he claimed were hundreds of emeralds from ...

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Award Given to Frivolous Research Projects

Every September, 1,100 well-dressed guests gather at Harvard University's Sanders Theatre, a building crafted with ornate woodwork and golden pillars, ...

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California Drought Gives Hope to Gold Prospectors

As California's prolonged drought dries up irrigation supplies for agriculture and forces cutbacks in urban water deliveries, it also creates opportunities ...

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Fooled By Switched Price Tags in Jewelry Store

In the book, Influence, Robert Cialdini tells a fascinating story about the owner of a jewelry store who was having trouble moving some of the merchandise. ...

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He Could Find a Sunken Treasure, But Not Wisdom

"One of the most intelligent fugitives ever sought," said the U.S. Marshal Service, of treasure hunter turned con-man Tommy Thompson, recently ...

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Buried Treasure, of the Parable Variety

Treasure hunters in Britain are thrilled with the find of 5,000 coins (some dating from the 11th century) found buried in a lead bucket in a field in ...

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You Can't Take It with You … (Chevy Edition)

During his five decades running a Chevrolet dealership in Nebraska, Ray Lambrecht held onto his customers' trade-ins (and quite a few new models too), ...

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Love Your Work like a Dog Chasing a Ball

At the 2013 commencement speech at MIT, Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox said:

When I think about it, the happiest and most successful people I know ...

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Rare Coin, Rejected by 'Expert,' Sold for $3.1 Million

George Owen Walton was born on May 15, 1907, in Rocky Mount, Virginia. As an estate appraiser, he had first dibs on rare coins, guns, jewelry, stamps, ...

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