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Sermon Illustrations about Touch

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Touch to help bring your sermon to life.

Patient Tells Doctor He Hasn’t Been Touched in Years

While working in India, Doctor Paul Brand, who pioneered the modern treatment of leprosy, once laid his hand on a patient's shoulder. Then, through ...

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Every Contact Leaves a Trace

In his beautiful TEDx talk, John Sutherland, an officer in London's police department, explains a principle in forensic science called Locard's exchange ...

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The Power of Touch for NBA Teams

Dr. Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology and the scientific adviser for Pixar's film Inside Out, claims that human touch is the "the foundations ...

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The Lack of Platonic Touch—'Killing' Men?

American culture—along with many more reserved European nations—is not comfortable with simple touch between men. While many global cultures ...

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David Brooks on Our Need for Relationships

[The 19th century English poet] Samuel Taylor Coleridge described how his own [son], then three-years-old, awoke in the night and called to his mother. ...

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