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Sermon Illustrations about Touch

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Touch to help bring your sermon to life.

Every Contact Leaves a Trace

In his beautiful TEDx talk, John Sutherland, an officer in London's police department, explains a principle in forensic science called Locard's exchange ...

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The Power of Touch for NBA Teams

Dr. Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology and the scientific adviser for Pixar's film Inside Out, claims that human touch is the "the foundations ...

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The Lack of Platonic Touch—'Killing' Men?

American culture—along with many more reserved European nations—is not comfortable with simple touch between men. While many global cultures ...

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David Brooks on Our Need for Relationships

[The 19th century English poet] Samuel Taylor Coleridge described how his own [son], then three-years-old, awoke in the night and called to his mother. ...

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