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Sermon Illustrations about Tithing

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Tithing to help bring your sermon to life.

Warren Buffet on Sacrificial Generosity

I once heard Warren Buffet say in an interview (I paraphrase here) about his $26 billion gift to the Gates Foundation: "My gift has not changed my lifestyle ...

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Stress About Money Tops Stressor List

The 2015 "Stress in America" survey shows that stress about money and finances is prevalent nationwide, even as aspects of the U.S. economy have improved. ...

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We Hate Greed but Won't Admit We're Greedy

Zogby recently conducted a large benchmark poll in which respondents identified "greed/materialism" as the number one "most urgent problem ...

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Money—Our Hardest Conversation Topic

Everyone knows there are a few hot-button topics that can make any conversation go nuclear. Religion. Health. Politics. Death. But when it comes to the ...

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Researcher Claims Credit Cards Make Us Forgetful

In the early 1990s, a behavioral scientist at the University of Chicago named Dilip Soman set out to study the effects of consumer credit, on the human ...

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Churches Give Generously to a Hurting World

In 2015 Harvard professor Robert Putnam leveled the following criticism against "organized religion": "The obvious fact is that over the last 30 years, ...

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The Origin of 'Skin in the Game'

According to one story (which may be a legend), in the late 1960s, the now-iconic investor Warren Buffet pried seed money for his very first stock fund ...

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Many Americans Have No Financial Plan

Northwestern Mutual sponsors an annual study exploring the state of planning in America today that provides unique insights into people's current attitudes ...

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Ancient Ruler Loved Things, Used People

Abd Al-Rahman III was a ruler in 10th-century Spain who lived in complete luxury. Here's how he assessed his life: "I have now reigned above 50 years ...

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Researchers Identify Five Principles of 'Happy Money'

In their book, Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending, researchers Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton provide five principles for what they call ...

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