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Sermon Illustrations about Theodicy

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Theodicy to help bring your sermon to life.

Is the Coronavirus Divine Judgment?

In a recent podcast from The Gospel Coalition, host Collin Hanson and guest John Lennox talked about the complications that come from pointing to disasters, ...

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In Severe Trials Broken Pastor Proclaims ‘I Love You Jesus’

Andrew Brunson, a Christian pastor from North Carolina spent 20 years in Turkey. He had a quiet but deep ministry there until 2016, when after a failed ...

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Pro Basketball Player Finds Opportunity in Tragedy

Newly traded bench player Skal Labissiere arrived in Portland, knowing that his playing time would be minimal at best. Yet, reflecting on his path to ...

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Florida Inmates Use Theft Skills to Rescue Baby

When people are incarcerated, they often yearn for ways to help repay their debt to society. For five men, the opportunity came sooner than they expected. ...

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Pothole Becomes Ad-Hoc Community Garden

A pothole in the Rathnelly neighborhood of Toronto went unfixed for so long, it attracted an unexpected form of attention.

Rathnelly resident Bryan Link ...

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HBO Host John Oliver Struggles with Tragedy and God's Will

John Oliver, the host of the satirical news show, HBO's Last Week Tonight, was interviewed by Terri Gross on Fresh Air. Gross asked, "Did you ...

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U2's Bono on David's Cave of Despair

In an interview for Rolling Stone magazine, U2's lead singer Bono talks about how he's learning to connect with David's honest laments and prayers from ...

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Haitians Devastated by Earthquake Keep Hope in God

Editor's Note: Author Andy Crouch originally used this story to illustrate that we don't need to be enslaved to technology. You could delete the references ...

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Even in Trauma, Look for the Stars

Dr. Jamie Aten, a cancer survivor and a Christian who researches how people respond to trauma, wrote in The Washington Post in which he urged trauma survivors ...

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British Actor Explains His Atheism

Stephen Fry, English actor and comedian, is a committed atheist. In response to the question of what he would say to God upon death, he stated, "I'd say, ...

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