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Sermon Illustrations about Television

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Television to help bring your sermon to life.

Actor Tim Allen on Sleeping Through Life

Tim Allen, star of the television sitcom "Home Improvement" said:

How much of the day are you awake? You think, I gotta get the dry cleaning, I gotta get ...

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TV's Flawed "Heroes" Challenge Morality

Shows like HBO's hit "The Sopranos" and FX's stark cop drama "The Shield" have introduced TV viewers to a new kind of protagonist. It's tough to call ...

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Study Shows Television Increases Teenage Violence

According to a recent study, teenagers who watch more than an hour of TV a day are much more likely to become violent than the rare adolescent who watches ...

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Lenten Stillness

At my house, the TV is off. It will be until Easter. The first time this happened, it was unintentional.

Some years ago, a few weeks before Easter, a burglar ...

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Television Not Controlled by Parents

Current Thoughts and Trends reported these statistics on parental concern about television violence:

Percentage of parents who have concerns about how ...

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Communication Clears Problems

In 1997, the Washington Capitals were one of the hottest hockey teams on ice, skating their way into the Stanley Cup finals. By the fall of 1999, they ...

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Need to Avoid Temptation

Kevin Garvey has a thriving business in Broward County, Florida. He is the only trapper licensed by the county to remove nuisance alligators. In 2000, ...

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Ex-MTV VJs against MTV

"Good Morning America" interviewed former MTV video jockeys about their willingness to let their kids watch MTV:

Mark Goodman said, "My kids are not allowed ...

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Boomers' TV Favorites

The percentage of adults ages 37-55 who said these were their favorite TV shows while growing up:

"Star Trek": 37 "The Twilight Zone": 30 "Laugh-In": ...

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What Time I Have Left

Chuck Colson tells the following story of visiting Mississippi's Parchman Prison:

Most of the death row inmates were in their bunks wrapped in blankets, ...

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