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Sermon Illustrations about Television

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Television to help bring your sermon to life.

Cool Addicts

Everybody knows that TV is mostly false and stupid, that almost no one pays that much attention to it--and yet it's on for over seven hours a day ...

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Shortcomings of Television

Television relies for its effectiveness on tricks, not perceptiveness, complete with canned laughter, studio applause, and special effects--a medium fated ...

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The New Village Atheists

TV journalists are, by tone of voice and facial expression, the village atheists of our time. They apparently can't comprehend that the religious ...

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No "No" in TV Land

Many of our adolescents and young adults cannot "just say no" to drugs because their whole approach to life has been shaped by television, the ...

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Excellent Compared to What?

I can't think of anything I do but what somebody I know does it better. Joe is more disciplined to exercise, Bob plays better golf, Hymman is more ...

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The Answer to Television

The answer [to television] is not censorship, but more citizenship in the corporate boardroom and more active families who will turn off the trash, boycott ...

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Forget the Numbers

There never has been a power so dramatically opposed to Christianity as the daily press. Day in and day out the daily press does nothing but delude [people] ...

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