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Sermon Illustrations about Teens

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Teens to help bring your sermon to life.

Drastic Obedience

Robert Russell, preaching minister of Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky, tells this story:

A couple years ago I received a letter from a ...

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Parents Too Permissive

Pediatricians and psychologists are finding today's parents are too permissive. They are reluctant to set limits for their children. And this benign ...

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No Exemplary Families

In Like Dew Your Youth, Eugene H. Peterson writes:

A search of Scripture turns up one rather surprising truth: there are no exemplary families. Not a single ...

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Juvenile Violence

The last few years' shootings by high school children have put a national spotlight on juvenile violence. After conducting more than 5,000 interviews ...

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Bold Witness

ChristianityToday.com writes:

At Upper Arlington High School in the Columbus, Ohio, suburb, students (and some teachers, before they were told not to) ...

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Sheep Follow Herd

In Life on the Edge, Dr. James Dobson writes:

What are the characteristics of sheep that remind the Lord of you and me? What is he really saying when he ...

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Friend to Teenage Mothers

"I'd like to help put on a prom for moms like me," the 17-year-old girl tells Anderson [Indiana] University junior Heather Brown. "It ...

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