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Sermon Illustrations about Suffering

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Suffering to help bring your sermon to life.

Classic Case of Envy

Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote a best-selling book, When Bad Things Happen To Good People. I recently read a story about a psychologist who was trying to ...

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Hanging on a Cross

I believe every Christian should hang on a cross for at least thirty seconds. Their lives will never be the same.

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Curious Alchemy

I can see that Jesus drew men and women into the Kingdom by promising them two things: first, trouble--hardship, danger; and second, joy. But what curious ...

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Hallelujah from the Depths

When Handel wrote the "Hallelujah Chorus," his health and his fortunes had reached the lowest possible ebb. His right side had become paralyzed, ...

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Paul's Prisons

Paul may have spent as much as 25 percent of his time as a missionary in prison. We know of his brief lock-up in Philippi, two years' incarceration ...

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Proclaiming Christ in Bolshevik Russia

In the 1920s, on the heels of the Bolshevik Revolution when Joseph Stalin was extending his chokehold over all of what became the Soviet Union, he sent ...

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The Quest for Character

Tom Landry once said, "My task is to renew the minds of our players so that I can get them to do what they do not want to do in order for them to ...

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How to Find Life

It would be just another illusion to believe that reaching out to God will free us from pain and suffering. Often, indeed, it will take us where we rather ...

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Pastors with Doubts

This week I've been involved in one of the most interesting conversations I have had in years. A group of sixteen pastors sat in a room; these were ...

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Humbled Theology

I propose that theologians write theology from the standpoint of the mother in Bombay (or Pittsburgh) whose child has just starved to death. She would ...

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