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Sermon Illustrations about Stumbling

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Stumbling to help bring your sermon to life.

Stumbling Horse Recovers to Win the Race

It happened in just a blink with a quarter mile to go at the 2005 running of the Preakness. Afleet Alex had battled his way to the front of the pack when ...

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Success after a Fall

Success doesn't mean everything in our lives has turned out well. You can be successful in coming back from a fall.

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The Greatest Loss

There are many kinds of sorrow on earth, but the deepest of all sorrows is when the heart loses Christ, and He is no longer seen, and there is no hope ...

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When Another Stumbles

If you see another stumble or fall, let your first thought be that, of all men, you are most likely to stumble or fall in that same manner.

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Falling Down and Getting Up Again

I heard once of an Italian peasant woman who happened to bump into a monk who lived in a monastery high on a hill above her village. Since she bumped ...

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With Progress Comes Danger

The further the soul advances, the greater are the adversaries against which it must contend.

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Learn from Your Failure

Whenever you fall, pick up something.

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Honest Stumblers

If we have integrity, we don't hide our stumble; we don't act like we didn't.

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