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Sermon Illustrations about Strife

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Strife to help bring your sermon to life.

Fellow Thinkers

Without doubt, Lewis's creative and theological genius was stimulated by his weekly meetings with the "Inklings," a collection of thinkers ...

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When Christianity Triumphed

The Christians' triumph over the pagan Empire brought its own problems.

Constantine's imperial patronage did, of course, assure Christianity's ...

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Over-Spiritualizing Conflict

We can over-spiritualize conflict; sometimes the issues are just about change.

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Living for Religion?

Men will wrangle for religion; write for it; fight for it; die for it; anything but live for it.

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Thanksgiving for Strife

Thanks be to God for a life full-packed with things that matter crying to be done--a life, thank God, of never-ending strife against the odds. ... Just ...

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Your Lawfully Wedded Pet Peeve

Mrs. Foster, a teacher at my school, had a frustrating day with one of her first-grade boys. "You've been doing irritating things all day today. ...

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Domestic Violence

They are legion, these victims. One out of every three women who seeks emergency medical treatment at a doctor's office or hospital is the victim ...

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