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Sermon Illustrations about Strength

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Strength to help bring your sermon to life.

A Measurement of Health

Twice it has been my privilege to introduce [quadriplegic] Joni Eareckson. ... Each time I have ventured to predict that her message would show her to ...

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Strength of 10 Arrows

A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.

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Two Weaknesses Make a Strength

An arch consists of two weaknesses, which leaning against one another make a strength.

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Simon Peter an Odd Choice

The only omnicompetent Executive chose Simon Peter--a man of great strengths and glaring weaknesses--to lead his fledgling church.

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Built-In Character

There was a family in the San Francisco Bay area that grew up with commitment. The son's name was David Kraft. His father was a pastor, a godly pastor ...

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Worship When You Feel Weary

"I can't do it!" I cried to God. "I can't handle the housework, my work, the loneliness of a husband who works so much." Then ...

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Living Against the Grain

It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion. It is easy in solitude to live after one's own. But the great man is he who, in the ...

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True Strength

Do you remember Gayle Sayers and Brian Piccolo, the star backs for the Chicago Bears? One was a black man; one was a white man. They created quite a sensation ...

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Only Follow Christ

We want to evangelize like D. L. Moody, pray like George Mueller, preach like Charles Swindoll, counsel like James Dobson, have her administrative abilities ...

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Inner Strength Needed

If within us we find nothing over us we succumb to what is around us.

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