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Sermon Illustrations about Spiritual Maturity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Spiritual Maturity to help bring your sermon to life.

Seeking Balanced Christianity

Balanced biblical Christianity is a rare phenomenon. It seems to be a characteristic of our fallen minds that we find it easier to grasp half-truths than ...

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Pride Is a Contradiction

Oh what a constant companion, what a tyranical commander, what a sly and subtle insinuating enemy, is this sin of pride! ... Is not pride the sin of devils--the ...

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Walk, Don't Run

God's Word often refers to the Christian experience as a walk, seldom as a run, and never as a mad dash.

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Avoiding the Wedge

Nothing is more dangerous than to put a wedge between the Word and the Spirit, to emphasize either one at the expense of the other. It is the Spirit and ...

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Upside-Down Vision

Why is it, the older one grows, the more topsy-turvy the wisdom of Christ appears; and yet the more it appears to be wisdom? He seems to be looking at ...

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Spiritual Growth Beneath the Surface

So many times, you can't see anything happening week to week. Spiritual growth takes place beneath the surface.

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